Getting Started

It’s simple and free to join the fun at Live Love Craft.  It’s as easy as registering and then bookmarking!  Here it is, step by step:


The first step is to register.  Go to the top right of the homepage and click the “Sign In” link.

live love craft registration 1

Next, navigate to the “Registration” tab and fill in your information and click “Sign Up!”

live love craft registration 2

You will receive an email confirming your registration.  You can immediately begin bookmarking!

How to Bookmark

When you find a super cool craft link  you should share it by bookmarking it on Live Love Craft.  This can be done either manually or by using the “Submit It” button.


While signed in, click the “Submit a Link” link in the upper right hand of the site header.

live love craft submit a link

This will bring you to the Submit page.  Paste in your URL and click the blue “Submit” button

4 Live Love Craft Submit A Link

Fill in the Bookmark details.  Some fields may be auto-filled, but you can make edits as you see fit.

live love craft bookmark field mapping

The following fields are included:

  • Title:  This will be the title of your bookmark
  • Description: This is the description of your bookmark
  • Tags: This will allow others to search and find your bookmark
  • Category: Select a suitable category.  If you can’t find a good category use “Miscellaneous.  Feel free to suggest a new category.
  • Image to Use:  There are three options to select an image for your bookmark: 1) Upload an image, 2) Select an image from the source URL, 3) Use a stock image.  We suggest you first attempt to see if you can select an image from the source URL.  Sometimes, the right image can not be extracted.  In this case you can go to the source URL and save the right image to your computer, then upload the image.

Submit It Button

Using the Submit It button is the  best option for quick and easy bookmarking.  Set up is is snap – follow the instructions here:

Installing the Submit It Button

That’s all there is to it!  Time to start bookmarking!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.